Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the pink ... more or less

I took Pinky to see a rehab vet yesterday to get an assessment of how she's doing on her healing leg. He thinks she doing extremely well! She's using the leg and putting weight on it, has good range of motion and the muscling in that leg is only slightly less than in the other. He encouraged me to start incrementally increasing her walks, and gave me the OK to start swimming her. He sees no reason at this point why she shouldn't be able to eventually get back to doing agility. This makes me very happy! I really can't wait until she can run and play, but until then I'll be patient and try to do exactly what's recommended.

In other news, yesterday a friend sent me a link to a little border-jack-jack on Petfinder. In a fit of insanity I put in an application on the dog. what am I thinking? I have yet to meet the dog because she's about 2 hours away, so I have no idea if I'll click with her or not. All I know is she's small, cute and has a lot of energy, which is part of what I would want in a dog. But why am I thinking about adding another dog? I must be crazy ... but Lucy turned 11 years old last week, and I'm thinking she's not going to be able to do whole trials, even at 12", for very much longer. I've missed not being able to train with Pinky, and it made me start considering adding a dog, just to make darn sure I've got one to play with when Lucy retires. Is that terribly crazy?


Elayne said...

So, did you get the new dog?

Lisa B. said...

Yes! The rescue will take her back if she's not working out within 2 weeks, but so far she's been great! I'll post an update with pics as soon as I get a chance!

Diana said...

Good for you. I hope it works out. No, I dont think it crazy. Diana