Thursday, May 28, 2009

The dog has a name!

I finally decided on a name for The Dog Formerly Known As Star: Talladega, or Tally for short. I just really like the word Talladega, and the fact that it brings to mind racing, as in the Talladega 500. Plus Tally is a great call name for a dog and it really seems to suit the little cutiepie.

Meanwhile, Pinky is still healing, and I can't wait until she's given the green light to properly play with other dogs. As it is, it's hard to have Pinky and Tally both out of their crates at the same time because all they want to do is rar-rar-rar and body-slam each other. In a good way ... they became instant friends. In fact, in the mornings and after work, I let Pinky out of her crate first, and after stretching the first thing she does is go to Tally's crate and wait for her to be let out.

Good times!

1 comment:

Johann The Dog said...

What a cutie!! And what a great name! Happy for both of you :)