Thursday, September 04, 2008

*shakes fist at sky*

I'm really ticked off at Hanna, the tropical storm/maybe hurricane-to-be that's making a beeline almost right toward the site of the USDAA trial I entered this weekend (Youngsville, NC). Friday's DAM tournament should be safe because the storm isn't supposed to make landfall until early Saturday, but I'm sure Mother Nature is going to rob me of one, if not both, of my chances to get a Gamblers Q, dang it! Why can't the storm deflect into a big land mass to the south of us or something? And yes, in case you don't know me, I'm kidding. I'm always kidding.

Oh well, I'll just go ahead and post some videos. From last weekend. Please note that I am wearing skorts in these videos. I've been inspired by Laura to be a fashion-forward handler. Several other handlers were wearing skorts, and we all exchanged tips on where to find the best skortage (turns out to be Wal-Mart, if you can believe it). I apologize for the fact that my videos are always crappy. Someday I'll get a real video camera and I won't have to rely on my Sony Cybershot for this stuff.

So here's Lucy running the Standard course that would have been a lovely Q had she not suddenly veered away from the teeter:

Lucy USDAA Standard 08/30/08 from bunchofpants on Vimeo.

Here's Lucy on the DAM turnament Snooker course. She was going sloooww ... but, after the buzzer sounded and I was driving toward the finish line, she conscientiously took the set of weaves that was in front of her, even thought I was way ahead of her and heading away from the weaves. Now why can't she do that in Gamblers?

Lucy USDAA Snooker 08/29/08 from bunchofpants on Vimeo.

And here's me running Derrell Stover's dog Envy. Not successfully:

Envy USDAA Snooker 8/29/08 from bunchofpants on Vimeo.


cedarfield said...

Lovely run with Lucy on the std course! It was weird how she veered away from the teeter--I couldn't see any reason for it.

How much fun was it to run Envy?? And what an honor to be chosen to run her!

Lisa B. said...

Lucy's had teeter issues before--my hypthesis is that at some point it's hurt on the landing or something, and every now and then she will refuse it.

It was quite fun to run Envy! I'm very honored that Derrell and DeAnna had let me run her and Li'l J. They said my handling style is similar to what their dogs know (although I'm nowhere near as good and consistent as Derrell is.) Maybe if I do the right things with Pinky I'll one day have a blazing dog of my own ;-)