Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pinky likes contacts

I took Pinky to my friend's Sue's house to meet Sue's Foster dog, Elvis (who needs a home, y'all). We'll be going to a Stuart Mah seminar this week, and I'll be leaving Pinky with Sue's pack and a petsitter. We wanted to make sure she and Elvis were pals first.

Pinky thought Elvis was just fine, but she was initially way more interested in Sue's contact trainer (Sue is teaching Sylvia Trkman-style running contacts to her young border collie). Pinky, apparently remembering how rewarding it can be to walk on a board, immediately started going up and down the ramp:

I was really glad to see that Pinky seemed to choose doing agility stuff over playing with another dog. I mean, I want her to like other dogs, but I don't want her to prefer them over working with me.

But we have a bit of work to do on our contact criteria. Here she is doing a "sitting contact" (while Elvis catches a tossed treat next to her), which probably isn't what I'll want her to do in a trial:

Also, I took Pinky for a swimming lesson on Sunday. I have photos. I'll post them whenever I have a few free minutes. I am packing up to move at the end of June, so of course it's not the best time to be going out of town for a Stuart Mah seminar. Whatever.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

pacco alwiz did that sitting contact on dog walk whenever we are drilling on that single equipment.... but it doesn't happen when we are running a sequence..

Amanda said...

My 16.5" dog does the same thing--she likes to sit on the DW contact and the teeter contact as well. (Maybe it's a size thing?) We hope to eventually fade that to a stand-and-pause, but I am just happy that she's not blowing off the contact.