Saturday, May 24, 2008

A decent day at USDAA and a couple more agility videos ...

I had a reasonably good day today at the USDAA trial. Lucy and I only ran three courses because I had decided to take it easy and not enter Grand Prix. Our Gamblers run was great except for the part where we didn't get the gamble. Our Standard run would have been flawless except for one little popped weave pole. I decided not to fix it because we would have NQ'd anyway and Lucy gets demotivated sometimes when I restart her weaves; aside from being eliminated we had a super run. Then we managed to squeak out our fourth Snooker Super Q, simply because I managed to get us across the finish line slightly faster than other dogs who scored the same.

Now, as threatened previously, I'm posting a couple more videos from previous events.

The first one is Mr. Gomez doing an Advanced Gamblers run more than a year ago. If this had been Masters we would have NQ'd because we had two refusals on the three-obstacle gamble, but as it was Advanced we actually Q'd because I eventually managed to get him over the darn jumps before the finish horn sounded.

Mr. Gomez USDAA Gamblers May '07 from bunchofpants on Vimeo.

The second one is Mr. Gomez on an Advanced Standard run from last December. He didn't finish his weaves and I generally don't make more than two tries, so we would have NQ'd, but then he also took an off-course jump so we were eliminated. Still, in light of the fact that he's a Very Special Dog, I considered it a pretty good run. I love the commentary by my friend Cindy when she notes that Gomey is like her youngest dog: "This is the dog I have. I have seen the future and it's not pretty!"

Mr. Gomez USDAA Advanced Standard Dec. 2007 from bunchofpants on Vimeo.

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