Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mystery malady

Lucy came up lame last night, and I have no idea what happened. We had done some agility practice and then a little off-leash running around, and she was fine. We came home, she had dinner, went outside ... still fine. Then she relaxed on one of her cushy beds for about and hour or so while I checked e-mail, and I decided Pinky should go out again. Lucy got up to come with us and she was limping severely--she didn't want to put her rear right foot on the ground. I checked for the obvious stuff--torn pads, thorns, anything stuck between her pads--and there was nothing. I gently felt her feet and legs to see if one particular spot made her wince--still nothing. Nothing felt swollen or out of place (not that I really know the proper places of all a dog's foot innards, but the hurt leg felt just like the other one).

Mr. Gomez came up lame a lot. Sometimes it was a torn pad, sometimes it was who knows what--he does everything with such an overabundance of enthusiasm that he's always hurting something. It got to the point with him that I would just automatically decide to wait and see if he was still limping in the morning before I took him in to be checked, because it almost always was temporary. Buy Lucy is different--she's very careful and doesn't fling herself around the way Gomey does, so she's hardly ever lame. When she is it's usually been a thorn, something stuck between her pads, or a bee sting. So I didn't even think twice before calling the emergency vet. Right before I took her in, I decided to let her hobble outside to take a whiz, and as soon as she got out the door she shot across the yard chasing a squirrel. Hmmm ... can it be that bad if she's rocketing after squirrels? But as soon as the squirrel was gone, she was back to limping severely . So even though the pain wasn't bad enough to keep her from chasing a squirrel, I was still really worried. So I took her in anyway.

But them two hours later, when I was trying to keep from falling asleep in the waiting room (I'd had a long a tiring day), I decided that maybe I'd rather just monitor her and then bring her back this morning if she was still limping. But she wasn't--we got up this morning and she was fine. We went to a park where she likes to hunt voles, and she was fine. We went to another park later (there was an open house at my place today and I had to be gone) and she was still fine ... until we got home and she got out of the car. She was limping again. But now, a few hours later, she's not limping anymore.

So now I guess I'll just run her into the vet tomorrow and have them look at it. My bet is that they will find nothing, but it will make me feel better. At least a vet has a better idea of what to feel for than I do. I'll also call the doggie chiropractor, because I'm thinking maybe she jammed a toe or something, and the chiropractor will be able to feel it. I hope it's nothing worse than that.


Johann The Dog said...

I hate it when that happens...which for us is way too often. Our times of on/off lameness resulted from:

1. Dislocated toe (two vets couldn't find anything, I demanded an xray on the third visit)
2. Iliopsoas pull
3. Torn nail
4. Thorn
5. Split pad
6. And (mister sensitive) walking on snow at -10 degrees. :)

Hope you find out what it is, was!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

paw crossed for the diagnosis..

hope everything is find for lucy