Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Dogmobile!

The car that died on Saturday night is really dead--it needs a new engine. If it were otherwise sound I'd probably go ahead and put the money into it, but it's not otherwise sound: the suspension is shot, the transmission is dodgy and it's starting to have one little problem after another. So I've replaced it with a brand-new Honda Fit. It's a small car, but I have small dogs, and it's got an amazing amount of room inside when the seats are folded down. I'm hoping this means years of worry-free dog travel ahead!


Johann The Dog said...

Congrats on the new ride, and the gas savings! Sometime, I'd like to see pics of it all packed up with the pups.

Lisa B. said...

This weekend I'll load 'em up--I'm thinking of going to a show & go tomorrow morning.

Christopher said...

Cool car. What color did you get?

Also, you need to put a subscribe link to your feed on your blog page.


Lisa B. said...

It's orange--sort of a dark pumpkin color.

I used to know how to out a subscribe link ... I'll have to remember how now.