Sunday, February 24, 2008

MAD dog Lucy!!

I had a great agility weekend at a USDAA trial on my home turf at PBH. The best part: we finally got that Standard Q we needed for Lucy's Masters Agility Dog title. W00t! The run wasn't perfect--there was a hair-raising dogwalk down contact and an almost-refusal involved, but we got the job done.

Other highlights:
  • Another Snooker Super Q! This makes three, which is the magic number, so I don't ever need to stress about Super Q's ever again (unless I decide to bother pursuing titles when I move Lucy into Performance). It also got us our Snooker Master title. Everyone tells me that once they stopped worrying about Super Qs they started getting them left and right. As with our first SQ, we got this one by a few hundredths of a second, so my advice remains that when the buzzer sounds, run like hell for the finish line to stop that clock!

  • A Steeplechase Q and second-place finish. That won us $11.09. I think I'll spend it on bully sticks.

  • A Grand Prix Q. We're getting pretty good at that one. Since it's basically just a Standard course with no table, I'm mystified at how we can do so well in Grand Prix and so badly in Standard. I'm sure it's a mental problem on my part.

  • A Gamblers Q. Next to Standard this is probably the hardest class for us. I usually mess up the opening so much that I end up flopping and flailing at the gamble line and Lucy is thoroughly confused. Not this time. I don't know what my trick was--maybe I did well because it was the last run of the weekend and I was too exhausted to stress out about it.

  • A Pairs Q. I don't get terribly excited about these, and in fact if money is tight or I don't feel like entering every event at a trial this is the first one I ditch. But we still needed 2 Qs in Pairs toward our ADCh, so this knocked one off.

But the best part of the weekend was that Lucy seemed happy to be running with me the whole time and I didn't do anything to stress her out (or seriously confuse her). There was one "lowlight" of the weekend, and that was when I got a refusal on the first jump of a Jumpers run. It was due to a really stupid oversight on my part--I didn't pay close enough attention to how I was setting her up on the start line, which made her assume that the second jump was really where I wanted to go. The really sad part is that the rest of the run was fabulous. Oh well, live and learn.

Now the countdown toward the ADCh begins in earnest: we need two Standard Qs, two Gamblers and one one Pairs. And we still need a DAM team Q for the Tournament Master title. I have a team lined up--a couple who have two good little mini poodles agreed to run with me in April (and they each need one more DAM for the TM as well). We'll have two 16" dogs and one 12". I think we should call the team "Small Dogs Rule, Big Dogs Drool."


cedarfield said...

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations to you and MAD Lucy! Sounds like you had a great weekend :-)

Pacco de Mongrel said...

congrates for all your Qs!

hope u gotlotsa bully sticks to enjoy after all the hardwork...

Elayne said...

Yay! Congrats on the MAD and everything else that went right over the weekend.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks, y'all! When I first started I never, ever thought we'd get a MAD (I was really awful!) I think I'm actually becoming the handler my dog deserves!

Elf said...

Me, too; never thought I'd ever have a MAD dog, let along a CH of any kind. That first MAD was one of my most memorable moments in agility. Congratulations; woot indeed!