Thursday, December 06, 2007

Puppy Daze

First some good news: the little results mix-up I mentioned yesterday is all fixed. It was just a typo, which is was I was hoping. I got the following note today from Tev, the wonderfully patient (and probably overworked) person who handles the posting of event results for USDAA:

Take a breath, it’ll be fine, Lucy has her SQ. You silly goose, it was simply a slip of the finger. J Tucker’s number is 500505 and the data entry person made a mistake which is very easy to do. The thing to do is look at the dog’s number that is listed in place of yours and that should show you where the mistake was. We appreciate you letting us know though because we can use as many eyes as possible to check the data that’s entered.

Yeah, I know I'm a silly goose, but when your dog is 9 years old and your time to earn Super Qs is limited, you get a little stressy when they seem to disappear.

On the puppy front, Pinky is really doing well but ... good grief, whatever possessed me to get a puppy? OK, I didn't "get" her so much as she appeared in my life and I let her stay, but still ... I was fully aware of how labor-intensive puppies can be and determined to resist, and yet I succumbed to a cute face and sweet temperament. What a sucker I am! What a cutie Pinky is!

I'm a little obsessed with her growth rate, because back when I thought my next dog would be acquired fully-grown, I had been determined that he or she would be under 16". I like running a little dog. Now that I have a puppy, the whole question is up in the air ... will we end up in the very crowded 22" height class with all the border collies? Well, there's nothing I can do about it if we do--I'll just have to motivate her to be fast and be a great handler to make sure we stay competitive ... which I was going to try to do anyway. But based on Pinky's growth, there seems to be a very good chance she'll end up somewhere around Lucy's size. I'm being really geeky and charting it (click the chart to see it larger):

Currently, she's very close to the the size Lucy was at 14 weeks, although Lucy was a little leggier. I had to do a little googling to find some basis for comparing Pinky's growth rate with known breeds. The site has a chart that puts Pinky's growth trajectory slightly above "small" but far below "medium." Another chart (from an actual scientific thingie), indicates that Pinky's growth rate is comparable to that of a Cocker Spaniel ... which range from slightly under to slightly over 16". Oh the suspense is killing me!

I've been mostly using weight to track Pinky's growth rate simply because it's easier to measure frequently. I'm trying to teach her to stand still and straight so someday she can be measured with a real wicket, and until then all I can do is get a rough height on her, give or take a quarter of an inch. Right now she's a little over 11 inches. She seems to be growing about an inch every two weeks since I first measured her at 9 weeks. I hope that slows a little, because at that rate she'll hit 16" before she's six months old. If that happens I'll just have to motivate her to be fast as hell so we can kick some border collie butt!


Cedarfield said...

Hmmmphhh,I wouldn't be so forgiving of being called a silly goose to wonder where my SQ went. How were you to know that it wouldn't be irretrievably lost somewhere?
Pinkie is adorable! I love her little folded over ears and her bright little eyes and her black button nose. Let me know if you ever want help playing with the wicket.

Lisa B. said...

I really think Tev was being tongue-in-cheek with the "silly goose" comment. This is not the first time we've interacted, and as I said, we're "pals" of a sort, now.

I do hope Pinky's little ears stay folded ... Lucy's didn't, but I think the upright ears fit her personality. Pinky's a little bit more of a goof than Lucy (although not so much of a goof as Mr. Gomez!)

I would love help with the wicket--I'm going to ask Val if we can set up a wicket table at some of the Friday night runthroughs because there are a lot of newbies coming up who will want to get their dogs accustomed to it.

Cedarfield said...

Great idea to set up the wicket on Fridays. It would give us something to do while waiting to run.

Johann The Dog said...

Tev - she's great, has helped us a time or two.

Interesting growth chart - slightly following Johann's. He stopped growing at about 9 months, at 15.5 and 18 lbs. He has his ILP as a sheltie.

Now if I had even thought of agility then (didn't come into my life until about 5 months later)...I'd probably have thought I'd died and gone to heaven with a size like that. I feel that way anyway just having him in my life.

Very cute that Pinky!

Kevin said...
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