Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another USDAA scoring mixup ...

I hear people at trials say "Oh, I'm not anal retentive enough to write down all my results at every trial." Fine, call me anal retentive, but ever since two of my Starters Qs sort of disappeared on me, I not only write down my results, but I then enter my Qs in a spreadsheet and then obsessively double-check my results when they appear on the USDAA site (for which I have to pay--it's weird that they charge me to keep them honest, but whatever) or in the NADAC Yahoo group files (that one's free).

So I'm starting to feel like I give off some sort of magnetic force that screws up results wherever I go. It started with those two starters Qs, and then a few weeks ago I discovered that some of Mr. Gomez's results had been attributed to Lucy (that's been fixed!) Then there was this weekend's Snooker Q that almost wasn't, which was topped by a Gamblers Q that had somehow become an NQ in the trial results that were e-mailed out Sunday night (that was a computer glitch that affected lots of results and it was quickly fixed by the trial secretary).

So now imagine my panic today when I went to the USDAA Subscriber Services area to check some other recently posted results, only to find that Lucy's and my first Snooker Super Q/First Place, earned back in September, was nowhere to be found in her results detail. When I went to the event results to see who had been credited with the SQ, it said Blake Stafford and his sheltie, Tucker. Now had Blake Stafford actually attended that trial, there's a good chance that he and his sheltie could have won that Super Q instead of Lucy and I. But since neither he nor his sheltie were there at all, I'm perplexed as to how they walked off with our Super Q. I mean, I know he's a really great handler and all that, but ... anyway, I'm becoming pals with the USDAA staffer who handles these things (if by "pal" one means "a pain in the ass") and I'm sure it will be straightened out somehow. I hope.

Meanwhile, I've taught Pinky to walk along a board on the ground, go through a tunnel and lie down on a very low table. I'm going to go get her a skateboard this weekend. Seriously.

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