Wednesday, November 07, 2007

USDAA: Something for everyone (to gripe about)

A lot of people are upset with USDAA lately because they were a bit tardy in posting the Nationals results on their web site. There have also been many complaints on the USDAA e-mail list that the formula for awarding Top Ten points and Snooker Super Qs is unfair to small dogs because it's based on the number of dogs in a class and the mini classes are often very small (I disagree that it's unfair but I don't feel like going into it right now). But I have a grouse that's a lot closer to home: I was checking some recently posted results for a trial in September, and they attributed most of Mr. Gomez's results from that trial to Lucy!

I was flabbergasted--how can it make sense to have a dog entered in 16" Championship classes at the Masters level and also running in 22" Performance I and II classes at the very same trial? Is anyone paying attention? But wait, that's not all--in one class, PI Relay, they have Mr. Gomez and Lucy as partners! Yes, I apparently ran my dogs together in a relay! (OK, so I could have conceivably gotten another handler to run one of them and pulled it off, but still ...)

This isn't the first time USDAA has screwed up our results--they "lost" two of Lucy's Qs a couple of years ago. In all fairness to USDAA, I'm quite willing to believe that the host club screwed up all the results and someone at USDAA just entered the data without questioning it. But I'm a little concerned that my e-mail to USDAA requesting that they fix the errors has gone gone unacknowledged. I understand that they are busy with the Nationals aftermath, but couldn't they at least send some sort of form e-mail acknowledging receipt of my e-mail and promising to follow up? How long should I wait before sending another e-mail asking them to fix the errors? This means a lot more to me than how long it took them to post the results for Nationals--I couldn't care less about that.

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