Monday, November 12, 2007

Odds & Ends: A puppy in a coat, NADAC fun, Gomey video

my puppy is cuter than your honors studentuh oh

I took Pinky to a NADAC trial Saturday, all decked out in a homemade sweater. (Pink, of course!) I made it out of the sleeve of a fleece pullover. It worked well enough, although she still shivered a bit if I didn't keep her moving. I thought it was darn cute. The outing was good for Pinky--she can be a little tentative in new situations, but she really started to relax after a little while and seemed to be having a great time. I've got to admit it's really fun to have people ooh and ahh over my cute puppy! (For more Puppy cuteness, check out this great shot of Pinky that Mark took.)

As for the trial itself, Lucy rocked it. Running her just felt terrific, and we got 10 out of 12 Qs. One of our Tunnelers runs was a minor heartbreak as our only fault was going .02 seconds over time, and it was all because I pulled away from a tunnel entrance too early and Lucy came with me. It was a small mistake, but at the Elite level the times are so tight that even a small thing will put you over.

Gomey only ran on Sunday, and ended up with just one Q (Jumpers). He was leaping contacts left and right, and we had a few off-courses as well. In our Regular run we racked up 75 course faults ... I don't even remember what they all were. Still, he had better focus than we usually have on our home turf at PBH.

I rarely get videos of our runs anymore because I get tired of figuring out which of my friends aren't busy with their own dogs right when I'm about to run and asking them to video us, but two weeks ago at the ASCA trial someone got a few of Gomey's runs for me. Here's one:

And in other agility news: Apparently AMBOR closed up shop abruptly last week, with no announcement or fanfare. According to Sharon Nelson of NADAC (which has owned AMBOR for more than a year), the person who had been running AMBOR just decided she didn't want to do it anymore. According to Sharon, all that is necessary to keep it going is for someone to step up and take over the duties, as she has no interest in maintaining it herself. (I never bothered to register with AMBOR myself.)


Johann The Dog said...

Great pup pics, great sweater!!! Love the color. Congrats on the Q's, really nice. Leslie (Johann's Mum)

LucyandWalter said...

Wow, Pinky is *adorable*, and that's a super-nice shot of her at the flickr site.

Great to hear Lucy ran so well at the trial, and the bonus of getting 10 out of 12 Qs has got to feel pretty darn good too.

I had the same pull-away-from-tunnel mistake with my dog Walter at a trial this weekend. Sigh.

Nice video of Gomez. It's so fun to see the dogs we read about in blogs, miles and miles away, come to life right before our eyes. :-)