Wednesday, October 24, 2007



The cute puppy I mentioned in my previous entry is still with us. The home I had lined up for her fell through when the woman, who really, really wanted the pup, came to the realization that her husband really did not. To preserve her domestic tranquility, the woman backed out of the adoption. We're sort of considering keeping the pup now, which means we need to call her something for real. The first thing I thought of was Pinky Tuscadero (after the TV character, not the Australian band that named themselves after the TV character). Then Mark (aka Mr. Dogliness) and I kicked around other names and we both liked Laverne (again, after the TV character, although personality-wise the pup seems more like a Shirley). So we tried out Laverne, and that's what our vet thinks her name is. But Pinky is a better name for getting a dog's attention, so at the moment the pup is called Pinky Laverne. But I really want to own a dog called She-Ra, Princess of Power, although I don't think Mark shares that desire. I might try to talk him into it.

Still, in the back of my mind I'm wondering if we shouldn't go ahead and keep looking for a terrific home for her. Keeping her pretty much breaks all the rules I had carefully crafted to guide myself when I decide the time is right for my next dog. My dogs are 8 and 9 years old, and the time will come when I can't keep asking them to do so much agility. But I will want an agility/flyball dog, won't I? So I've started considering what my next dog will be. Rule Number One: No puppies! I want to know exactly the adult size (under 16"!), drive level and temperament of my dog from the get-go. With a puppy (even a purebred), there's no way to know if it will become the dog you were dreaming of. That's double-true when you don't even have any idea what breed or mix the puppy is to begin with.

Pinky Laverne is a real question mark. Here she is at seven weeks. It's hard to get a good "representative" photo because she doesn't really want to stand still. I'll keep trying. Some people say she looks like she's got pit bull in her, and she could very well have. Others say lab, some say border collie (any time you see black and white with speckles people always guess border collie). She could have any of those things in her, but she's too teensy not to have something small mixed in. She was 3.2 lbs. at (estimated) six weeks and 4.7 lbs. at eight weeks. That makes me think that her "finished" size may be close to Lucy's (15" at the shoulder, 21 lbs). Or maybe it's wishful thinking because my ideal next dog would be exactly Lucy's size. At any rate, I'm calling her a "pithuahua" if anyone asks.

And yeah, you should expect to read more puppy business here soon ... when I actually have time to write!

Oh, and I've entered Lucy and Gomey in one day of a local ASCA trial this weekend. I'm running FEO (for exhibition only) because I'm not registered with ASCA and don't feel like spending the money to register them right now. I'm only doing it because a) agility is so much fun! and b) I want to try and support anyone who has any kind of local agility trial. (Except for AKC, of course. Even if they one day decided to allow mutts I wouldn't bother with them.)


Steve said...

Lisa, I too think there is some BC in in little Pinky Laverne, she's got the markings. Although you do see some black/white pits out there.

One of the coolest dogs I've met is Jen and Bill Pinder's Am Staff/BC mix Taser (sp?). He is small, very sweet, smart, and insanely fast. Don't know that you could count on that cross always working out so well :^)

I hope you find the right home for her (whether or not that is your home)!

Lisa B. said...

She sort of "herds" me when we walk, so score one more for part border collie.

I've seen some awesome staffy bull/bc crosses doing flyball around here. Part pit bull wouldn't bother me at all--they have a lot of drive. What I really want is a dog the can be in the 12" or 16" Championship class in USDAA. I like having a "mini" dog!

Elayne said...

I say keep her. C'mon, look at that cute puppy face, how can you refuse? But I'm an instigator and also feel like I shouldn't be the only one who's tearing her hair out taking care of 3 dogs so don't listen to me.

Lisa B. said...

Arrgh, three dogs!! That is honestly the ONLY reason I hesitate to keep her! A few years ago I had a foster dog for seven months, and it seemed like all I ever did was walk dogs!

But yeah, she's hella cute. And Mark really likes her, which is very important. So I think she'll be sticking around, even if she turns out to be a 22" jumper ;-)

Johann The Dog said...

What a cutie! I hope it works out for everyone! And Steve is right about Taser - we were pairs partners last year in Starters, that was a fun run!