Monday, October 01, 2007

Agility euphoria

Lucy and I had the opposite of the crummy weekend we had a few weeks ago. No, we didn't Q on every run, but we were four for eight, which is better than we've done in USDAA for a while. But there's more, something even better: we got our first Snooker Super Q! That alone would have made my whole weekend. We also got Qs in Jumpers, Grand Prix and Pairs (and then ran as an accommodating dog to help someone else Q). In the Pairs, Jumpers and Snooker runs we also finished in first place.

But even the non-qualifying runs were mostly really good, except for whatever little thing got us NQ'd, of course. Lucy was weaving beautifully, making her contacts (she missed one in the gamblers opening) and even downing quickly on the table. I hate to say it, but I think I need to give some credit to the self-help book! I've read about half of the Lanny Bassham book my friend lent me, and I decided to try practicing the stuff I'd read so far. So I set goals, focused on "rehearsing success" and not focusing on what could go wrong and generally tried to stay positive. I feel like it helped both of us--I know Lucy is very tuned-in to my mental state.

I did flub one run (standard on Sunday) because of stupid sloppiness (I caused Lucy to refuse a jump), and I was very angry with myself afterward. I kept thinking, and saying out loud to a friend, "Why am I suck a dork? I know better," etc. It took me a half an hour to talk myself out of that mindset and get back to the positive, but after I did we went on to have our two best runs of the weekend (including the Super Q!)

Next weekend I'll do it all again, but with both dogs, and in NADAC, which I treat as a training/motivational venue. Maybe I'll read the rest of the Bassham book before then and really put it all together. Then the following weekend is more USDAA--two more chances to get those Standard Qs I need for Lucy's MAD title. At the rate we are going it seems we'll get our Tournament Master's title before we get the MAD, but who cares? Either one would be cool.


Johann The Dog said...

That's really great, I'm so happy for you!!! Wow, can't wait till we get our first SQ. I bet it felt wonderful!!

fredewanuickfan said...

Hey, wow! Congratulations on the great weekend. Wonderful to hear it, especially after that trying weekend you had a little while back. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming trials too.


Lisa (and guess what, I have a dog named Lucy too ;-)