Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Agility: ASCA fun and I need a DAM teammate

I've got tons to write about little Pinky puppy (whose registered name will be Pinky Laverne Del Fuego), but it'll take a while because she keeps me too busy to write. But I thought I'd nip in to say that Lucy, Gomey and I had a lot of fun running FEO at the ASCA trial on Sunday. Both dogs looked awesome. Gomey ran like a focused, seasoned agility dog, confirming my suspicions that there's something about running on our home turf at PBH that confuses him and makes him run around like a doofus. I think it has something to do with the fact that I use his ball and ball-on-a-tug while training there, and he's looking for the ball while he runs. He's extremely obsessive and pattern-oriented, and once you play ball once in a location, he expects to play ball there every time you go back. Or if you just drive by. Or if you are walking vaguely in that direction. We'll have to come up with some ways to work through it.

I'm planning to enter another USDAA DAM tournament on Nov. 30, but I need a team. I connected with one teammate through the trial secretary, but we need a third (26" or 16"). I've asked on local lists to no avail, and now I'm wondering if I should post to a couple of the national agility lists. For some reason I'm intimidated by those lists, because some of the people seem a little too intense and obsessive. I want to Q but I also want to enjoy the experience.


steve said...

Hi Lisa,
Well you've got her registered name picked out then it is definitely for real! Congratulations on the new family member.

I bet if you post to the USDAA list and give an indication of your experience and level of intensity/obsession then you'll find someone compatible. I've seen quite a few emails looking for partners on that list. Now is a good time to email too since many of intense, competitive folks are probably out at the Nationals.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, I did post to the list--but I left out the part about my intensity/obsession because I didn't know how to phrase it--I work hard, I'm competitive and I really want to Q, but if I don't also have fun then it's not worth my time. If they want to know all that they can e-mail me--chances are if they're really anal about it they won't want to team with us because we're not "superstars."