Friday, September 14, 2007

The riddle of Gomey ... solved, maybe?

I mentioned the other day that Mr. Gomez will sort of blow right past an obstacle sometimes, even when it is directly in his path (and it's usually the only logical next obstacle). Well last night in class I got a few suggestions as to why:
  1. Val said I have "Lucyitis," i.e., I'm very accustomed to the way Lucy takes direction from me. Lucy is very attentive will pick up on very subtle movements--this is a good thing if my subtle movement is correct, a bad thing if I accidentally flick an arm or point myself towards an off-course obstacle. On Gomey, however, subtlety is entirely lost. If I want him to really understand which obstacle to take, I need to be make my indication very obvious. So running directly toward the teeter, for example, isn't quite enough for Gomey. I need to remember to clearly point toward it, and it probably wouldn't hurt to remember to say "teeter." (With Lucy, I often only call the obstacle if I'm at a distance or there is a discrimination involved).

  2. I have trouble sending Gomey ahead with my usual send-ahead command ("Go!"). I've always figured it was just because I haven't practiced it enough with him. But a classmate wisely pointed out that "Go" is the first syllable of his name (duh! never thought of that before!) That would explain why instead of going, he usually looks at me ... so I need to think of another send-ahead command. I like "Andale!" just because it would be fun to yell it while running a course, but I'm afraid it's too many syllables. I like the idea of using Spanish ... maybe "Vaya!" would work, although properly conjugated I guess the correct form would be "Ve" because I would use "tú" and not "usted" with Gomey. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.


mamacita chilena said...

In Spanish it would sound a lot more natural to say, Anda! And since you already like Andale, that might be a good solution :) Also, you could say, "Vamos," which is like Let's go!

Lisa B. said...

I think "Anda" would be easier than "Andale," (although not as fun) simply because the fewer syllables, the better.

mamacita chilena said...

Andale just might be one of the fun words in the spanish language. But if anda is more be it :)