Monday, September 03, 2007

Odd Dogs qualify, take fifth place

The Odd Dogs' astonishing third place standing didn't hold, and I take the blame. During today's relay event, Amanda/Weaver and Janice/Machias were reliable and turned in respectable runs, while Lucy and I went off-course after the second obstacle. It was that stupid dogwalk/tunnel discrimination, again. I'm starting to think that the best way to get Lucy to take the one I want is to aim for the other one. She didn't actually take the dog walk, just touched it with a paw--a rear paw, at that. Don't ask me what she was thinking or what I did to get that result. At any rate, in the DAM relay if you're eliminated, you're supposed to immediately run to the finish (and pass the baton to a teammate if applicable), so that ended my portion of the run.

Fortunately, a lot of teams did way worse than we did--some had two E's, and I was fortunate that mine came so early in the run that it didn't waste too much of the team's time. And the important thing was that we got our Q, which means I've completed all the tournament requirements for my ADCH. However, in individual competition this weekend I failed to get either of the Standard titles I needed for my MAD. In fact, all I got was one Snooker Q (it was a very nice run). Oh well, I'll be trialing again next weekend, and a couple of weekends after that, and a couple of more after that. Sooner or later we'll manage to pull together a Standard run or two.


Elayne said...

Congrats on both your Team results and your fashion sense. The hats are a nice touch.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks! I made the shirts and the hats. We won the team spirit award, but the "Best Dressed" went to "Two Hot Dogs and a Bubba Burger" (they had a dog named Bubba on their team) who dressed up their dogs before the relay,