Sunday, September 02, 2007

DAM team update

I'm slightly flabbergasted. With only the Relay left to run tomorrow, The Odd Dogs are currently in third place (out of 13 teams) in the DAM team tournament! We ended yesterday in sixth place, which was partly my fault because Lucy took an off-course in Standard and we were eliminated, although Weaver and Machias did pretty well. (We all did well in Snooker, though, and I was very proud of my run with Lucy).

Then first thing this morning, our oddness really paid off on the jumpers course, which was devilishly tricky. The really zippy fast gonzo dogs were going off-course, knocking bars and spinning into refusals left and right--the course was eating them for breakfast, it seemed. But Weaver the Foxhound and Machias the Akita made good use of their slower but steadier pace. Lucy and I managed to rock that course; aside from a fleeting moment when I almost lost her over an off-course obstacle, it felt perfect. It was one of those runs that reminds you why you run yourself ragged building courses, gate stewarding, timing, scribing, setting bars, etc. so an agility trial can happen. We vaulted into second place after Jumpers.

In Gamblers the border collies got a little revenge, because the amount of ground they can cover so quickly made it easier to rack up the points without the danger of off courses and refusals (except in the gambles, of course, but they were optional for bonuses). But we Odds were tenacious and managed to only slip down to third place. Obviously anything can happen in the Relay tomorrow, but so far I'm very pleasantly surprised.

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