Friday, August 31, 2007

Small bites

I had been meaning to post something about a rather crummy dog instructors' seminar I attended a few weeks back--in which I did actually learn a few useful things, but then I decided I just didn't feel like being negative. The biggest problem with the seminar was that it was disorganized and chaotic, which made it rather excruciating, but I still caught a few bits that will help me improve my puppy classes. I will try them out this session and if I find them useful, maybe I'll write something then. Otherwise, I found myself disagreeing with a lot of the trainers' methods and thinking Ï would never do that in my class," but it was still interesting to hear how other people do things.

In other news, I have a three-day USDAA trial this weekend at my home turf, and I can't wait. I had planned to go to a trial in August, but as the closing date approached I found myself a bit lean on funds, so I decided to pass. So now I'm itching to compete, and I hope Lucy feels the same. After several weeks of record high temps here, we're actually looking forward to three days in the high 80s/low 90s. It will feel refreshing to us.

This weekend will be my first DAM team tournament. My pal Amanda and I have resurrected the Odd Dogs (a team name we used for an ill-fated PVP attempt last fall) with a third member. Our lineup is Lucy, my little speckled mix, Weaver, an American Foxhound and Machias, an Akita. We figure the "Odd Dog" moniker is fitting considering that two of the three dogs are definitely not your usual agility types. We have shirts and hats and are hoping that even if we don't Q, we can at least take the "Team Spirit" award that's being offered. I just hope Lucy doesn't step on a bee, as she did last year.

And on a completely different topic, Blogger has fixed whatever bug had made it impossible to edit my template, which means I can update my list of blogs over on the right when I get a few more minutes. Until then--and I promise it will happen because some of my few readers have great blogs--I'd like to give a shout-out and thank you to Terrierman for posting this highly entertaining vid of a Jack Russel doing Schutzhund.


Elayne said...

Good luck this weekend to you and your very diverse team. You can't help but cheer for the 'odd' dogs.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks! I'm hoping we can get someone to video the relay, because it should be fun to watch.

Steve said...

Good Luck Odd Dogs!

Wondering if you are talking about the Instructor Conference held in a small Northeastern state? I was thinking about going but it just didn't sound like it had quite enough substance compared to working directly with some of the trainers...

I'll look forward to hearing what works for you and your students.

Lisa B. said...

No, it was held here in NC (Um, medium-sized southeastern state, I mean). It wasn't an agility instructor's conference, either--it was for a puppy/family pet instructors. If you want to know who the facilitators were you can e-mail me--I don't want to publish their names in case the like to google themselves