Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quick agility update

I didn't have time to blog about the Midnight Madness NADAC trial last week, but it was quite fun. It's a great way to have a trial in a place where it gets oppressively hot in the summer. After darkness fell, it almost felt like summer camp and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Plus, as much as I grouse about NADAC's silliness as an agility organization, I must admit that NADAC trials are generally always fun, and I do like the Tunnelers, Weavers and Touch & Go games.

I did very well with both dogs, but I got tripped up several times by a discrimination (dogwalk/tunnel) that I've worked and worked on. I guess I'll just have to work and work on it some more. (Maybe Stuart Mah can help me at the seminar tomorrow!) But mostly, my dogs ran like champs and I didn't do so badly as a handler. The highlight of the whole weekend was Weavers on Friday night when both of my dogs ran the course so near to perfectly I couldn't think of anything at all to criticize about either run. Those are the moments that make me think "THIS is why I love agility!!"

Generally, when she wasn't taking the wrong obstacle in a discrimination, Lucy ran as if she were tuned in to my very thoughts. We're becoming quite a solid team and it's exhilarating to run with her. I also am able to keep my mouth shut a lot more on course, because my body communication is improving. So I usually only spoke when I needed her in handler focus, with an occasional "yes" for reinforcement and to keep her confidence up. Now if we can maintain this teamwork for the upcoming USDAA trials I'll be ecstatic.

As mentioned, I'll be at a Stuart Mah seminar in Hampton, VA, tomorrow. I'm so excited I keep hoping today will fly by--what a geek I am!


Elayne said...

I'd love to have a trial at night time, that sounds like a blast. I had 3 days in the high 90's this past weekend at a USDAA trial and I thought my brain would melt.

Have fun at your seminar, I'm sure you'll learn a lot.

Lisa B. said...

Unfortunately, I think it would be difficult to have a USDAA trial at night unless it was Starters/Advanced only or something like that, because that's the only way possible to limit the entries.

The seminar was very fun and I think I learned too much for one day ... I'll have to do a nother seminar or go down to his place in FL for a week. I'll write up a recap when I get time later.