Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flyball weekend

I'm off to Athens, GA, this weekend for the Double Dog Dare Athens Dawg Derby flyball tournament. I've started running Lucy in the veterans' division, which is for dogs 7 years and older, which means her team will jump the minimum height (7"; Lucy's normal height would be 11"), have no false-start re-runs, and all races will be only three heats. What's more, in vets' division they allow dogs to run with other clubs, which makes it easier to field vets' teams in cases where a club doesn't have enough vet dogs of it's own. So this and Lucy and I will be running with a team called Fur Fun, who are known known for wacky antics and fielding fast teams (I hope Lucy's not the weakest link--she's not nearly as fast in flyball as she can be in agility).

A teammate and I are going down a day early to spend a day with Laura Moretz, a disc dog competitor and a member of the 2007 Purina Incredible Dog Team (as well as a member of the Dogsmack flyball club. I don't have a disc dog (Lucy won't catch them and although Mr. Gomez loves frisbees, we don't play because of his bad hip), but maybe I'll "interview" Laura for a blog post about disc dog training. The most I know now is that first and foremost, one must learn to properly toss the disc ... actually I think that's a great deal of the challenge in disc dog competition, because even a lightning-fast dog can't do well if its handler keeps bungling all the tosses!

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