Thursday, May 24, 2007

More about food ... has a good article about pet foods in the wake of the massive recalls: The Truth About cat and Dog Food (warning: you may be asked to watch an ad before being redirected to the article). Of particular interest to me was this bit:
While pet food may not be uniquely vulnerable to contaminants, however, cats and dogs themselves may be more sensitive to them. Our pets are usually a lot smaller than we are, and they eat the same thing day after day. "Because we eat a lot of different foods, toxins that come in are diluted," Hofve says. "If we ate one thing all the time like most pets do, we'd be in a lot more trouble. Variety really is the spice of life, and our pets should eat variety too."

I think this is why I'm interested in supplementing my dog's kibble with some homemade (but not necessarily raw) foods. Anyone with a good (and simple!) recipe or two, please share!


Trey Wolf said...

I have been feeding my dogs (German Sheppards) a mix of kibble (was Nutro, now Solid Gold or Avoderm) about a half cup twice per day, one to two cups of a grain/bean mix (barley, brown rice, adzuki beans, arame, tamari-soak overnight and slow cook 4 -6 hours) with raw ground beef, turkey or chicken. WE use all organic ingredients but human grade food is fine also. You have to add a supplement when feeding raw meats and it is good to ease into the new diet. Consult Pitcairn and Pitcairn's Natural Health for Dogs and Cats for some great recipes and information on supplements. After the food recall I started to make homemade food for my cats. I'll let you know how it goes. FYI- I have a full time job and don't just sit home making pet food. It is really not that time consuming if you have a slow cooker and keep the ingredients around. The real kicker is that it costs the same or less than if I fed them all kibble or kibble/can mix. The bonus, my dogs are healthy and have never had weight problems. I wish you well.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks Trey. They just got the latest edition of the Pitcairn book at the library, so I checked it out. I think I may photocopy the food part and keep it around for reference.