Friday, December 01, 2006

More agility! (Or: this dog goes up to 11!)

This weekend will be my last agility trial of the "season," which really doesn't mean much because around here the season is pretty much year-round, although the only trial I know of within easy driving distance in January is an AKC trial, and my dogs, being mixes, aren't allowed to compete there (we'd kick some purebred butt if we were, heh heh!). There is a NADAC Toys for Tots benefit trial next weekend that could extend my season one more week, but I decided not to enter.

This weekend's trial is USDAA in Fletcher, NC, and hosted by the Blue Ridge Agility Club, who are known for their well-run trials. The site is fantastic--an indoor horse arena at the Western NC Agricultural Center, and the trial attracts a lot of the "big name" competitors so there's plenty of great agility to watch.

I won't have a lot of time to spectate, since between my two dogs I'll be competing in both rings at all levels (Lucy is in Advanced in some events, Masters in others, plus Grand Prix and Steeplechase; Mr. Gomez is in Performance 1), on Saturday. On Sunday Mr. Gomez gets to go hiking with his dad and I'll just be running Lucy. Both dogs are looking good in practice--sticking their contacts (it's a long standing problem with Lucy!), finding their weave entries from all angles, getting fast table downs, etc., so I'm feeling really good about the whole thing. Hopefully I can stay relaxed enough to have some really fun runs. We'll see, and of course I'll write all about it when I'm back.

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