Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Puppies, puppies, puppies!

It's been pouring down rain all day and now I sit here wondering: How on earth am I going to get this puppy tired enough to want to settle nicely in her crate and sleep? It it were a light rain I'd just go ahead and walk her in it, but it's a rather heavy rain--it was hard to get her to want to leave the porch to take care of business. There are also 5-inch deep puddles in the back yard, so I can't really take her out to play ball (plus it's dark so early now--stupid daylight savings time!!) Right now she's cozy in her x-pen chewing a compressed rawhide bone (she loves them and I'm so glad for that!), but she will probably tire of that soon. I wish I was allowed to take her to the mall and walk her there--wouldn't that be wonderful? Instead I suppose I'll have to just play with her in the living room.

In other puppy news, my "senior puppy" class last night was borderline chaos. The smallest dog looked like she was about 35 lbs., the biggest is approaching 50 lbs. and none of them had been in any previous classes, so they were wired and wild and it was hard to maintain control long enough to get through the exercises. I really wonder why people wait until their puppy is big enough to pull them over before getting into a class where they can learn how to control it? Please people, start those classes right when you get the puppy (we accept them as young as 9 weeks old in "puppy primer")! You're doing no one any favors by waiting, least of all yourself. I've heard people say they are putting off puppy classes because they are "too busy right now." In that case, why didn't you wait to get the puppy until you had time to do what's necessary? By waiting, all people are doing is ensuring that they will have more problems to solve when you finally find the time to make it to class.

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Steve said...

Funny I have the same dread with Meeker on rainy days :^)

What I've done sometimes is play the "find it" game. Put a treat on the floor near a towel and let the dog get it. Then put the treat under the edge of the towel and let the dog get it, ... you get the progression. You can go all the way to hiding the treat with the dog out of the room.

Meeker will be moderately interested if I stay interested in playing too. Just a thought...