Friday, November 10, 2006

A home for Zsa Zsa?

Yesterday I was feeling frazzled and stressed because it seemed that my every waking moment outside of work (and even a few at work) was consumed with the care, exercise and training of little puppy Zsa Zsa. I was wondering how I could continue this for four more weeks (that's how long until her puppy class is over), and then what? What if no one wants to adopt her? Would I be able to keep this up indefinitely without going bonkers? Zsa Zsa is a sweet little dreamboat of a dog, but she's stil a puppy. A very, very busy little puppy.

But my friend Alyssa, who has been of great assistance during this whole endeavor, called last night with some great news: the folks at Annabelle's Second Chance, a pit bull rescue group that listed Zsa Zsa for us, had a potential adopter for us. Alyssa had spoken to them, and thought they sounded very promising--the one drawback being that they don't have a fenced yard. Well, I know a lot of people who are perfectly wonderful dog owners without fenced yards (my own mother, for example). I think the important questions are how much time are these people willing to spend on/with their dog, and do they plan to make the dog a full member of the family? In those respects, it sounds like this family might work for Zsa Zsa.

Alyssa said the family lives near her parents' house, where Alyssa is headed for the weekend, so it will be very convenient for her to take Zsa Zsa to meet them. As soon as she told me this I looked over at adorable Zsa Zsa contentedly chewing her rawhide bone in her x-pen, and thought "Oh, no! What am I going to do without her? She's too precious! I'm going to miss her!" Funny how one's perspective can change so quickly ...

It it true, I will miss her, but I will be so happy if this home works out for her. And Lucy and Mr. Gomez will be happy to have my undivided attention back. Speaking of them, they will both be competing in a NADAC trial at PBH this weekend. I don't feel mentally prepared because I've been focussing so much on the pup, but what the heck--we'll jusy run around and have some fun. It's only NADAC!

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