Saturday, September 09, 2006

Agility: Gomey's first Q

Mr. Gomez got his first agility Q today in Snooker. It was actually a very hideous but highly amusing run, in which Gomey ran in almost every direction except where I was heading, and lamentably I didn't get it on video. The important thing is that he eventually took enough obstacles in the correct order to get 42 points before time ran out (putting us in third place). He did a lovely Gamblers run but we missed our Q by a fraction of a second because he ran out past the last jump and I had to bring him back around. We also ran a jumpers course in which he took an off-course tunnel. It was pretty funny--I got that one on video and I'll upload it later.

I only entered Lucy in Grand Prix and Steeplechase (this is Gomey's trial!), and she qualified in Steeplechase, so we'll run the final tomorrow. We missed our Grand Prix Q by .16--of the seven faults allowed, 5 were eaten by a popped weave pole, and two more (plus .16!) by the time it took me to pull her back and get her through the last pole. I also got that run on video and will post later.

I'm exhausted, and we do it again tomorrow ...

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