Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some flyball videos just for fun ...

I was at a flyball tournament hosted by New River Express in Blacksburg, VA last weekend. It was actually two one-day tournaments instead of the usual two-day single tournament, but that turned out to be ideal because the lineups we ran sort of fell apart on Saturday and we had to do a little bit of rearranging for Sunday. A couple of the dogs just stopped wanting to do the pattern correctly, and the best thing to do with a dog like that is to pull it out of competition and then work on re-training later. So on Sunday we ended up running our multibreed team "FEO" (For Exhibition Only) with only three dogs, but it gave us a chance to try two "green" dogs who had never run an actual race in a tournament. They both did really well and will probably be debuted at our fall tournament

Anyway, I took tons of video at the tournament with my little digital camera and I haven't even had a chance to look at all of it yet. I have posted several online so far, however.
First up: Lucy's team. She's the "anchor dog," running last because she had a bit of a collision years ago that makes her dislike having a dog run out past her (although on Sunday we had to arrange her lineup so she was third, and she did very well if we gave her a wide pass). She's not the fastest flyball dog, but I think she's adorable (and she's very consistent and dependable). The lineup here was Kazul (a labby-looking mix), Basil (English Springer Spaniel), Reesie (Dutch Shepherd) and Lucy (mix):

I really like seeing "non-traditional" breeds doing flyball--everyone knows that border collies, Aussies and Jack Russell Terriers rock this sport, but I like to tell people that the best dog to do flyball with may be the very one snoozing at your feet right now (assuming no physical limitations, of course). Here's a New River Express lineup that includs an Afghan hound and a mini poodle:

There was a really awesome shar-pei running on another team and I think I got some decent video of it as well--I'll try to post it later. That's definitely not a breed you see often in flyball.

And here's a flyball "blooper"--Spyn, a Jack Russell owned by Mike and Beckie Randall of Blockade Runners, lives up to his name:

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