Thursday, August 03, 2006

Orphan dogs need loving homes

I got some very sad news earlier this week: a woman who had taken my flyball classes with one of her dogs and was continuing training with my team had died in her home. Sue was a sweet, soft-spoken and caring soul who fostered lots of cats for a local rescue group and had two very sweet dogs. Now her dogs Ava (below top) and Samantha (bottom) need new homes, as do the cats she was fostering. According to a family friend, the animals went through a very rough time--police believe that Ava was in a crate for 5 days while Samantha was without food guarding her owner, and the cats were without food and water as well.


Ava is an aussie mix (I always thought she may have some golden retriever in her), about two years old (or so--I believe Sue got her as a rescue). The photo above does not do her justice--because I had always seen her with a sunny, happy expression on her face (no one would ever ask "Do dogs smile?" if they saw a happy Ava!) She loved going over the flyball jumps (she was still working on the box part), and really seemed to enjoy just being out and about, but her favorite pastimes also include snuggling and laying in the sun.

I didn't know Samantha personally, but according to Sue's family and friends she is an 11-year-old white German Shepard, cancer survivor and very sedate. She enjoys long walks in the parks and has a sweet spot for cats ... in fact she would probably like a home with cats more than a home with other dogs.

I wish I had more details to share about both dogs, but if you or someone you know is looking to adopt a great companion, email vdoucette22 (at) aol (dot) com. The cat adoptions are being handled by Snowflake Animal Rescue--I have no information at all about them.

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