Thursday, August 31, 2006

New group in town

A friend's blog alerted me to a new group that has formed locally called the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. I won't be able to make their meeting because I've got an agility trial this weekend, but I'm hoping someone I know goes and can let me know what the group is planning. The effort and the meeting was also mentioned in this Chapel Hill News article. Chained dogs are quite common around here, but unfortunately, so are loose dogs, as the article notes:
We have a lot of other work to do," said John Sauls, Chatham County's animal control manager. "We've got to raise our rabies vaccination compliance. We need to get people to stop letting their dogs run loose."

Durham County Animal Control Director Cindy Bailey agreed.

"I see a lot of animals that are just as abused in a 10-by-10 dog pen as on a chain," she said.
I definitely agree on the last point--it's just as heartbreaking to see a dog sitting forlornly in a small chain-link kennel enclosure in the beating sun or the pouring rain with nothing but a "dogloo" for protection. Why have a dog if you're just going to condemn it to a lonely, miserable existence out in the heat or cold with hardly any interaction? I really don't understand the point.

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