Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Agility and Flyball record books

When competing in flyball and agility, it's always a good idea to keep records of your results at trials or tournaments so you can plan your training or see correlations between different conditions or venues and your dog's performance. (Some people just like to look back and remember those crazy early days when everything seemed to go wrong!) It's also a great way to find discrepancies in official databases after they are posted (That's how I found that USDAA failed to record two of Lucy's Starters titles and now I watch them like a hawk.)

Some industrious people put together their own record systems, but for the rest of us there are ready-made alternatives, the best of which, in my opinion, are Marty Warner's loose-leaf record books, available at mydogstitles.com. The agility record book has pages to record titles for AAC, AKC, AMBOR, ASCA, CKC, CPE, DOCNA, NADAC, TDAA, UKC, and USDAA, as well as pages to record the particulars of each event you enter. The flyball record book has pages for NAFA and U-FLI titles as well as pages for tracking starts, splits and other heat and race information from each tournament you enter. Both books have a removable/customizable cover insert and ziplock pouches so you can carry height cards and other loose items. The loose-leaf design makes it easy to add pages, update as titles/requirements change and organize records for multiple dogs (the biggest advantage over other record books, in my opinion.)

At this point ordering is still done the paper-and-check way, but if you live near NC you can probably pick one up from Marty at one of the local events at PBH, Teamworks, or at my club's upcoming flyball tournament. (Contact Marty first to make sure she can get a book to the event).

UPDATE! You can now use PayPal to purchase one of Marty's record books!

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