Friday, July 28, 2006

Make way for Rally-O!

Several years ago when I had a lot more time on my hands, I was really keen to try a dogsport called Rally Obedience. Essentially, it's an obedience competition, except that competitors follow a course without direction from a judge, performing various obedience exercises as indicated by signs at points throughout the course. All dogs, including mixes, are allowed to compete in APDT and CARO competition, other organizations limit participation to registered purebreds. Rally-O is generally considered to be a more relaxed and--dare I say?--more fun alternative to formal obedience competition.

My problem at the time was finding a class to take--nobody offered it, as it was a very new sport at the time. Now that I have no time whatsoever between teaching three classes a week and having two dogs in agility and one in flyball (all in addition to my day job), there are plenty of local opportunities to take Rally-O--PBH offers it every session, and the APS of Orange County also has occasional classes. But another problem has been that no one has hosted any Rally-O trials locally ... until now! Carolina Canine Pet and Performance (C2P2), will be hosting an APDT Rally-O trial Saturday, Sept. 23 at the (air-conditioned!) Durham Kennel Club. (Premium available here.)

This brings up another problem with trying to get involved in a lot of dogsports: what if you want to go to two events on the same day? Which is the case here: I won't even be able to go watch the Rally-O trial because it coincides with my flyball club's fall tournament (Sept. 23-24 in the Holshouser Building at the NC State Fairgrounds).

Shameless self-promotion: In my day job life I'm a graphic designer, and once upon a time I designed a little Rally-O logo for those few, proud enthusiasts who want to wear their Rally-O obsession on a T-shirt, sweatshirt, coffee mug, etc. Surprisingly, people have bought them. Go figure. I did one for flyball, too.

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