Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Little dog update

I think Lucy is recovering well from her mystery pain nicely, after having a visit to the chiropractor on Saturday and a visit from a massage therapist Sunday. I think there is a "You know you're a crazy dog lady when ..." T-shirt in there somewhere (although it all cost much less than travel, hotel and entry fees for the flyball tournament I was supposed to go to over the weekend.)

I go to a chiropractor myself, and while I'm skeptical of the more metaphysical aspects of chiropractic principles, I know that my back feels much better if I get it cracked periodically. I also know that problems with the spine can result in aches and pains elsewhere, because the spine is the nervous system's central conduit. In Lucy's case, I felt it was possible that her pain could be related to a spinal misalignment of some sort. So I took her to see Dr. Elizabeth Engel, a Durham DVM who also does horse and amall animal chiropractic. She found a few problem areas and made adjustments, which Lucy tolerated very well (I though she might be a little freaked out by this woman manipulating her spine, but she didn't seem to mind much at all--once she realized there was no dreaded thermometer involved). We will have a follow-up visit in three weeks, and then I will take her in for periodic checks.

Interestingly, Lucy seemed a little more wary of the massage, done by Sue King of Companion Chi. She's not the type of dog who seeks out lots of handling, particularly from strangers, and usually when she's had enough petting she just gets up and moves away. On top of that, she wasn't eager for attention to the area of her mystery pain, so several times during the session she got up, walked a few feet away, and lay down again. Usually if we asked her she came right back, but if not Sue just went over and gently continued.

I'd like to say that Lucy appeared to be a brand new dog after her various therapies, but all I can say is that she seems to be feeling much better, and I don't know if it was the prednisone, the chiropractic, the massages or just the ability to rest up (the only activities was done have been regular leash walks). Tonight would be an agaility class night, but I think I will just do some low-impact exercises with tunnels and maybe dogwalks to gauge her energy and enthusiasm, and we'll start back with classes on Thursday.


Seth said...

How do you keep your dogs when you travel to a tourney like that? Do you find a kennel in the town you travel to? I can't imagine the hotel allowing dogs, even well-behaved, and well-trained dogs.

Lisa B. said...

Lots of hotels/motels allow dogs. Red Roof Inns always allow dogs, and most Days Inns do. I've stayed at Motel 6, Super 8, Ramada, Holiday Inn. Sometimes they charge a fee (usually $10 per dog per night) or a deposit. Most of them will list their policy on their website, but it's always good ro call and ask. The hosting club often puts a list of nearby pet-friendly places on their website, and sometimes they arrange a special rate for competitors.

Most of us try really hard not to let our dogs be a nuisance and make sure we pick up after them outside so no one complains about us.