Sunday, July 02, 2006

Agility run-throughs: Lucy on a Practice Snooker course

Every Friday night at my training facility we have agility course run-throughs, rotating through the various types of USDAA courses (standard, jumpers, gamblers, snooker and steeplechase). This week it was a USDAA Advanced Snooker course. Here's a video of Lucy and I on the course:

Had this been an actual trial, our little off-course weave entry (which, ironically considering the weave-entry problems I've been having, was lovely) would have ended our run. That reminded me of something I've been meaning to practice especially for snooker: keeping Lucy in handler focus while I pass by obstacles which, to her, seem like perfectly logical choices. It's one of the many difficulties one may face in snooker. I'm planning an entry very soon on the joys and perils of snooker, but meanwhile, if you're not familiar with it, you can lear about it here, and you can see a snooker course map here. (Several older snooker courses can be found at the archives of the Dogpatch Agility Course of The Week.)

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