Thursday, June 29, 2006

Would you work longer hours if your dog were with you?

According to an online survey cited in a New York Daily News article, two-thirds of dog owners would put in more time at the office, while 55% would commute a greater distance to a dog-friendly company. Others said they would switch jobs or take a salary reduction to work at a dog-friendly company. The article also links to a dog-friendly job search site.

I think my employer would have to offer an on-site agility training facility to get me to want to stay longer, because the days I have to leave right on time are when I need to make it to classes or course run-throughs.

Besides, who's really looking for ways to spend more time at work, anyway? That's just sick.


Elayne said...

I don't know if I'd work longer hours but my company's 'dogs allowed at work' policy has kept me very loyal and eager to keep my job. Plus, the agility field being 10 minutes away and on my commute home doesn't hurt either.

I had a good laugh at the 'Pongo the Wonder Dog' post below. We had 2 dogs and my husband would get that twitch in his eye whenever he caught me looking at the doggie porn (ie, the local shelter's adoptables page). The woman who runs Rocky Mountain Border Collie Rescue works in my office building and brings the rescue dogs in. I resisted for years but we finally fell victim to dog #3. It's pure madness, I think my husband might be on the verge of a breakdown and I'm sure I'll need therapy soon but I wouldn't part with any of them and my younger dog adores her new playmate.

Lisa B. said...

Ahh, yes ... the doggie porn! I see so many fantastic adoptable dogs at flyball and agility events that it's a wonder I don't have three!

I think being able to take your dog to the office is a big plus, although I really think my dogs love the comforts of their home quite a bit--I don't know if they would want to go to the office every day.