Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today, once again, I schlepped Mr. Gomez to the vet. Last night Mark, my husband, felt a lump in Gomey's abdomen, right below the center of his rib cage. It's about golf-ball size, and I'm surprised we never felt it before because Gomey loves his belly rubs. I immediately thought of lipoma because they are very common, especially in older dogs, although Lucy got one when she was only a year old. Anyway, I knew that any lump should be checked out, regardless, so to the vet we went.

The doctor who examined Gomey said he was very confident it was a lipoma. He didn't aspirate it, but we have to go back in a week and see another vet to follow up on Gomey's tick diseases, so I'll ask her to aspirate it to be sure.

Compared to a malignancy, lipoma is good news, but they can still cause problems. Steve Schwarz has written about Mr. Peabody's difficulties with lipomas, and I'm not eager to deal with anything like that. Fortunately the location of Mr. Gomez's lump makes it seem unlikely that it will interfere with much, and it's probably best left alone.

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