Thursday, June 15, 2006


I know this isn't about dogs ... but maybe someday it will be: For only $3,950, plus a "processing and transportation fee" of $995 (pricing for US residents only), you can have your very own genetically modified hypo-allergenic cat. If you're not willing to wait two years for delivery, add on another $1,950 to receive your cat in a few months. Either way you have no choice as to coat type, color or sex. The company requires spay/neuter in the contract, but that's not because they care about unwanted litters or what would happen if mutant kitty genes mixed in the general kitty population like so much Roundup-ready crop pollen--it's because they own a patent on that gene and if you want more of it you'll have to pay.

Are noiseless dogs next?

(Thanks to Wordnerdy for the link!)

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