Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flyball fanatics on the road

Two members of my flyball club moved (back) to Alaska a couple of years ago and formed Alaska Dogs Gone Wild, the first (and so far only) flyball club in that state. They are hosting Alaska's first flyball tournament this month, a small affair with only four clubs participating, because it's not easy for people from the continental US, or even most of Canada, to transport themselves, their dogs and their flyball gear to Alaska to compete.

Nonetheless, several members of my club are crazy enough (and have enough time on their hands) to try. Three humans and nine dogs in two RVs are trekking toward Alaska right now. A fourth team member will fly in to Anchorage just for the tournament itself (stupid day job!). One of the overland trekkers is blogging the experience, complete with photos.

In case you wandered in off the street and don't have any idea what flyball is ... well good question! I have gotten that question a lot and could never find a concise but thorough answer, so I put up a page myself: What Is Flyball?

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