Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There always has to be a first post ...

...and it usually says something like "Hi, this is my new blog that I'm going to fill with bloggy goodness and stuff."

In this case the bloggy goodness will be about dogs, dog training, dog sports (agility and flyball) and the like.

I suppose I should add some sort of "About me" section, but those things are ususally really boring to me when I find them in other people's blogs, so I'm not sure I'll bother. But in case anyone's itching to know and I don't ever get around to it, here are some vitals: I have two dogs, I compete in flyball with one of them and agility with both, and I teach puppy classes and flyball classes at a local dog training facility. I have a lot of thoughts musings and opinions about dogs and dog training, and I'm slways trying to sort through all the information and "expertise" out there.

I've got two dogs: Mr. Gomez, a border collie mix, and Lucy, a rat terrier/Australian Cattle Dog mix.

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